Native American Catholic Leaders

Thank you to the many generous donors who have provided items for the Mission! We’ve been able to updated our needs on our Donate page, so take a look.

I’d like to highlight one item in particular, an idea which was put forth by a member of our community during Kenn’s pastoral council meeting this week.

In this diocese, there are 5 Native American reservations but few opportunities to come together in the Catholic faith. We would like to plan a weekend conference and host 3 Native American Catholic leaders from different tribes across the country. The weekend would be an opportunity for celebration and teaching which would strengthen the faith and unity of the communities here in Montana. Please let us know if you can help make this happen!

We’ve also switched our donation platform from Paypal to Donately due to our donors’ moral concerns over Paypal and to improve functionality. There is now an option for one-time or recurring donations. You can also leave a comment to let us know how you would like your donation spent.

God bless you!


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