We Need a Catholic School Principal!

St. Paul’s Mission Grade School is searching for a principal! While Kenn and I aren’t part of the hiring committee, we would love to see a devout Catholic in this position who will place the Catholic faith, sacraments, liturgy, formation, and service at the center of students’ lives. We would love a principal who will work hand in hand with St. Paul Mission Church to revitalize the communities of Hays, Lodgepole, and Ft. Belknap Agency.

Last year, St. Paul Mission Grade School became a sister school in the St. Labre Indian School system in southern Montana and is now governed by the St. Paul Education Association board. This has been a time of change and renewal for the school, and the board is looking for a principal to take the school into the future.

If you know a principal with a missionary heart, please forward the job announcement below. Thank you!





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